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Investing in What Works for America's Communities


Building Health Communities: Interview with Tony Iton (Part 2)

Building Healthy Communities (BHC) is a 10-year, $1 billion program of The California Endowment (TCE) to help 14 low income communities across the state take action to improve health in the places they live. The following interview explores the initiative’s inception, progress, and le…

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Connecting the Dots between Education, Health and Opportunity

Community investments in education, transportation, housing, and neighborhoods are closely linked to health, wellbeing, and opportunity—particularly for low-income families. One of these factors—education—matters more now than ever before. Education is a key focus of both Investing in…

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Lessons Learned from Superstorm Sandy

It’s not every day New Yorkers wake up in darkness to wade through thigh-deep floodwaters on the streets of bustling Lower Manhattan. But on October 30th, the day after Superstorm Sandy walloped the city, millions did just that. The storm knocked out electrical power to vast swaths of…

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San Francisco’s El Dorado Elementary School Uses Trauma-Informed & Restorative Practices; Suspensions Drop 89%

By Jane Ellen Stevens “Childhood trauma is a public health issue,” says Joyce Dorado, director of HEARTS — Healthy Environments and Response to Trauma in Schools. “It’s really common, and the way kids react to it gets them into trouble in school.” In fact, serious an…

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What If People Got the Credit They Deserve?

Nearly 13 million American households have problems accessing traditional forms of credit because they lack sufficient credit history. This is not just a problem for the poor. Recent immigrants, young people on their own for the first time, those with damaged credit from the financial…

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Extra Credit: Enhancing Community Health With the New Markets Tax Credit Program

By Marice Ashe, JD, MPH, CEO and Founder of ChangeLab Solutions in Oakland, Calif.  Follow @ChangeLabWorks on Twitter Since the early 2000s, New Jersey has led a statewide initiative to address a significant and growing need for supermarkets and fresh food retail in many of its neighb…

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A Place-Based Approach to Reducing Infant Mortality

By Shannon Merrell, MPHC, Wendy Hussey, MPH For decades, interventions aimed at reducing infant mortality have focused on medical and technological innovations. Despite large investments in improving health care access and support services for families, mothers and babies, significant…

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What Works: Revisiting our Purpose, Assessing our Progress, and Looking Ahead

By Nancy O. Andrews and David Erickson In September 2012, we published Investing in What Works for America’s Communities—a collection of essays highlighting promising anti-poverty strategies and making the case for how to bring them to scale. Many of our nation’s foremost community de…

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Homesick: The Continuing Need to Stabilize Neighborhoods

By Thomas Bledsoe, Housing Partnership Network This post originally appeared on the Community Development Blog of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. We all need a place to call home. Increasingly, a safe, decent and affordable home seems beyond reach for many Americans still s…

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From Poverty to Possibility, One Family at a Time

By Renise Walker, Director of Resident Life, Jubilee Housing Renise participated in the What Works Challenge where her idea, “It Starts at Home,” generated the most excitement among the participants. Renise expands on her idea to integrate family services with housing in this bl…

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