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What Works News Round-Up – April 17, 2015

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In the News

Here is some of the latest poverty and community development news from this past week.

Slate (4/16/15) Together But Not Equal
Mixed-income neighborhoods are supposed to improve the lives of the poor. So why do low-income boys still suffer there?

Stanford Social Innovation Review Blog (4/15/15) The IRS’s Secret, Successful Low-Income Savings Program
Over the last decade, behavioral science researchers have shed light on why it is so hard to save despite good intentions and how we can stack the deck in savers’ favor.

Salon (4/15/15) America’s Staggering Child Poverty: These Numbers Speak For Themselves
For every two homeless children in 2006, there are now three — and that’s not the most frightening statistic.

Governing (4/14/15) Why Trauma-Informed Housing is Key to Solving Homelessness
In San Francisco, an organization called BRIDGE Housing has been working to help people create second chances for more than 30 years. Three decades later, BRIDGE is now responsible for over 21,000 homes in a city that has long faced a shortage of affordable housing.

CNNMoney (4/14/15) Women Nearly Twice As Likely To Retire In Poverty
The promise of America from one generation to the next is a simple one: After a lifetime of hard and rewarding work, Americans can expect to enjoy a secure retirement.

Scientific American (4/14/15) Money Is Driving A Wedge In Teen Health
Wealth typically begets health, as researchers have known for decades. Lower-income families have more medical issues during early childhood and adulthood than wealthier families do.

The New York Times (4/14/15) Fighting Homelessness, One Smartphone At A Time
The smartphone giveaway program, though small, typifies the way Bay Area tech companies have started to respond to the glaring homelessness problem.

The Washington Post (4/14/15) When Work Isn’t Enough To Keep You Off Welfare And Food Stamps
We often make assumptions about people on public assistance, about the woman in the checkout line with an EBT card, or the family who lives in public housing.

Governing (4/13/15) Why Health Depends Partly On Where People Live
A striking divide exists in the health of people at the top of the economic ladder and those near the bottom.

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